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Cash for Cars

We Buy Cars and Trucks, Any Condition!

We Buy Cars, Trucks, Vans, SUVs, Classics, Commercial vehicles and more. Seriously, if it’s got wheels and an engine we want it!.
You can sell your “like new” or “beat to heck” used car to us. We, of course, LOVE to get our hands on clean cars and really bend over backwards to buy your late model, low mileage car. However, we are realistic and know that most people buy their cars and drive them, until that sad day when the car is no longer useful to them. Because of that, we buy cars in nearly every possible condition.
We have the capability to purchase a fleet of late model commercial trucks, as well as the ability to purchase the junk car your ex left in the driveway 12 years ago and of course anything in between these extremes, and we can do it today!
We will come to your home or office and buy your car, truck, van, SUV or commercial vehicle. We are fully licensed, bonded, insured and have received great reviews on Yelp and the BBB. We handle all of the paperwork for you and will tow your car for free.

Sell Your Car Fast

We come to you FAST. For instance, in just ONE of our Service Zones, we have 14 expert car buyers on our payroll in the field, all either on their way to or at a vehicle that we are purchasing. They are on a map in our call center and can be deployed to you literally at the touch of a button.

Sell My Car

We Buy Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Vans, and Commercial Vehicles
People ask, every day, “How do I sell my car quickly and safely?” The best answer is to call (800)311-2466 right now and talk to a car buyer. We beat Carmax all the time and we are much more convenient. No waiting around at a dealership at all. If you use WeBuyCarsCali.com you will find it easy, safe and quick. Get the highest price by calling us today.

Cash For Cars

Get Top Dollar
Get all your questions answered by calling or chatting with a knowledgeable professional Cash for Cars representative. Even if your car failed smog, we will buy it. If your car is wrecked, we will buy it.

Smog Certificate

California State law says that “ The seller is required to provide the buyer with a valid smog inspection certification at the time of the sale or transfer.” If your car hasn’t been smogged in the last 90 days, then you must go through the hassle of getting the smog certificate to make the sale of your car legal in California. If you don’t, then you would be liable for the cost of repairs that the buyer had to pay for to get the car you sold him smogged. When you sell your car to WeBuyCarsCali.com, we handle all DMV paperwork and smog cert, so you don’t have to.
We will even buy your car if the title has been lost and if the registration is out of date.

Who should I sell my car to?

WeBuyCarsCali.com has been buying cars in volume directly from the public. We know what people want. You want a safe company to sell your car to. You want it to be hassle-free. You don’t want to hear from the DMV after the purchase. You want clear and honest communication. You want fast service that is professional and experienced. You want WeBuyCarsCali.com.

Fast Cash for Cars

We Buy Cars
We here at WeBuyCarsCali.com pride ourselves on being the fast and courteous Cash for Cars company. As well as giving top dollar for any type of vehicle, we have buyers all over the US and can be to you oftentimes in under 2 hours. We’ll pay for your vehicle on the spot and will tow it and do the paperwork. Our sales team has many years of experience in the business and can get it done the right way.

Sell My Car

Highest Price For Your Used Car, SUV or Truck
Aside from getting fast cash now, you’re most likely interested in getting the most money you can. WeBuyCarsCali.com is known for paying top dollar for cars and we appreciate the fact that you want to get the highest price for yours. That’s why we work with you and try to get you the most we can. Give us a call right now for a quote.